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Transit Bus S Cam Air Brake System with ABS
and Electronic E-Stroke Sensing System

ABS equipped air brake training display board comes equipped with all brake system parts and components normally found on heavy duty vehicles. Air brake troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance can be demonstrated on this brake training board without the need for live equipment that does not often allow easy access to the system being instructed upon. Air brake supply, control, and foundation subsystems are displayed for easy student understanding.

Electronic Brake Stroke Sensing System is available as an option on any brake training board.

A total of 26 defect switches are located on the rear of the brake display board. This includes a total of 20 ABS related defects and 6 support system defects. These allow the instructor to easily create commonly found electrical defects with the flip of a switch, including the low air warning buzzer to reduce noise during classroom training. Air systems come standard with Parker Prestomatic air fittings which allow the instructor to easily remove air lines for student testing.

Air brake training display boards are custom designed to suit individual needs based upon air system schematic and subsystem components.


Tractor Trailer S-Cam Air Brake System with ABS